July 2013

Look Up!

One thing that really annoys me about people who live in cities is that nobody ever looks up. Everyone is in such a rush that people never seem to have time to stop and take in the art above their heads. There must be an architect somewhere who is banging their head against a (very nicely designed) wall in frustration. One thing most people are missing out on is stumbling across one of the space invaders which can be found doted around Manchester.  I’ve come across just two myself which is a pretty pitiful return after 3 years, so I’m on the lookout for the rest over the next few weeks.

So its summertime in Manchester, and it looks like we’ve already had our allocation of sunshine. As I write, the weather outside is overcast and miserable. So only the brave or the particularly northern consider this sunbathing weather. Still, its not as if I’m not spoilt for choice for things do. The nightlife is excellent in Manchester, as is its music scene. With 12 weeks to go until the start of Fresher’s Week there’s definitely scope to see a few bands live during the “quiet” summer weeks. Or maybe I should go skydiving again…

Manchester might be the footballing capital these but the city which is normally abuzz with energy and emotion at the weekend is eerily quiet at the moment, which is great if you’d rather go shopping than watch a football match. The city centre is much quieter as is a weekend journey to the Trafford Centre. But for die hard football fans such as myself it can be tearfully boring with only salacious rumours and gossip to keep us going. (EDIT: As a Newcastle fan I should have known better than to complain about things being slow *sigh*)

The summer break is an excellent time to get some studying done. Its not ideal when there are other things to be doing, but there’s no better time to work on my final year personal project. And as an engineer there’ll be no harm in flicking through Stroud’s Engineering Mathematics either. Whether I’ll actually get around to either of these is debatable but they’re both definitely good ideas.

In the meantime I also work part time. Stacking shelves, being yelled at by stupid customers and asking people if they have a nectar card in your sleep mightn’t seem rewarding but spending time in a real working environment helps develop real world skills, enhances your CV and can help you enjoy your time at University to the full. Just don’t overdo it though, I’m looking to retire from shelf stacking a week or so after freshers to concentrate on studying.

So between working, searching for illusive space invaders, going to gigs, and researching for my project (EDIT: Not to mention pulling my hair out over Newcastle) I’ll at least be kept busy over the summer.

Keep on keepin’ on



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