September 2013 – Blisters ‘n’ Stitches

There are many things that should not be underestimated. The importance of being well organised is one of them. Real life example: A half marathon requires a decent amount of training. Failure to put the work in beforehand can make race day (and the days that follow) very uncomfortable. Being well organised means you avoid the blisters and stitches (and aches and pains the following days.) Much in the same way, failure to get yourself a calender or a diary can make your degree very uncomfortable. 


I’d like to start by declaring myself fighting fit again after the Great North Run, but I’m not. Last weekend was Tough Mudder. For anyone unfamiliar with it, Tough Mudder is a 12 mile obstacle course featuring electric wires, ice baths and, yeah, lots of mud. The pictures attached to this blog don’t do justice to how much mud is actually involved, I was up to my neck at one point! If you think it sounds like a laugh, Tough Mudder 2014 can be found here.  Or, if you’d rather do a run, how about the Great Manchester Run 2014? Its 10km, and takes place in May next year.

Tough Mudder and the Great North Run might seem like horrible ways to spend your weekend, but if you’ve never tried anything of the sort then you really ought click the links above. There’s a special atmosphere on the day, especially the 10k, when you finish you get a real sense of accomplishment. And looking forward and workings towards something other than coursework deadlines and exams is definitely beneficial.

It looks like the 2013/14 season is going to be one of the best for a few years. With Fergie no longer bossing things and a Sky TV cash injection for all clubs every team was busy securing new signings to take them forward. Well, except one club. Newcastle brought in one player. On loan. *sigh* At least sunderland are bottom. The title race had my curiosity, but with Arsenal signing German playmaker Ozil, it now has my attention. With any one of 5 teams looking to win the league we could be in for a great season. I’ve got money on Chelsea to win it.

Its October, which means coursework deadlines and cold weather. George Begg has never looked so appealing! The next 6 weeks are probably the most challenging time of the year. Coursework deadlines overlap and panic can easily set in. On top of this, money is likely to be hard to come by as November draws to a close. With this in mind, prepare yourself adequately. Plan your weekly spend so you can afford to feed yourself until the next student loan and get coursework out the way as soon as you can. Good luck, and god’s speed.

Keep on keepin’ on,


P.S. With Halloween soon to be upon us you may already be thinking about what costume you’re going to wear. I suggest Affleck’s palace in the city centre There’s a brilliant great fancy dress shop on the top floor and just about everything else you’ll need to create a great (but cheap) outfit on the floors below. Just don’t get lost. Trust me, I’m an engineer.


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