January Blog – Making the Best of a Bad Situation

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Its said that the average person spends 2 weeks of their life waiting for traffic lights to change. Being a cyclist I laugh in the face of red lights* however I can appreciate the sentiment. February is a month of waiting for students. Exam results are due out around the 23rd. In an example of stereotypical student behaviour I’m dreading it. At least there’s plenty of work to occupy myself with.

*Just kidding, cycle safe kids!

6 exams in 9 days! What good fun. Anyone who’s ever ran the hurdles will know how I felt. I was really pleased with my first exam, the second one was a disaster and then everything seemed to go downhill from there. I hate exams. (I later found out that I was 1 of 3 people in 3rd year engineering with more than 5 exams. *sigh*) I definitely deserved the holiday at the end of January.

We went to Amsterdam the weekend after exams – my first holiday for 10 years. When I saw we, there was about 12 of us. (Student pro tip: if you want to organise a good weekend away just announce the date of Facebook and buy the tickets. If you build it, they will come.) The good thing about Manchester is that you’re only a short train ride away from a major airport which can offer numerous cheap flights. The whole trip cost less than £400, which is quite reasonable, especially given how expensive over there. *insert red light district joke here* No but seriously, €4 for  a 250ml bottle of coke? How audacious! Still, don’t be put off by that. Amsterdam is less than 4 hours away from Manchester if you go by plane and is well worth a visit. A shout out to Chris, who made his way to and from Amsterdam on the bus – very cheap and it only takes 12 hours in one direction. He has my utmost respect.

I used the travel time over the Amsterdam weekend to do a bit of light reading. Flatland is a book by Edwin Abbott Abbott in which the main character is a square who lives in a 2 dimensional universe. One day he meets a sphere from a 3D universe. Aye, I know, it’s a bit involved, but its an excellent book to read if you want to try imagine a 4D world. I recommend it.

Football wise – Manchester United continue to struggle (much to my amusement), Man City look ever more likely to win the quad and Newcastle have imploded. Again. As I write we have lost our last 5 homes games, are out of both cup competitions and are safe from relegation.  We have sold our best player, leading to a seriously “disillusioned” fanbase and a squad of players that don’t look interested. Oh, and we lost the derby match. Suddenly the next few months look far less enticing.

feb michael

Apparently the new iPhone will feature an ‘unbreakable’ graphene coating, which I am eagerly anticipating, for obvious reasons. Graphene is the miracle material set to revolutionise the 21st century. It was discovered by the University of Manchester’s Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov, who won a nobel prize for their work. See the video to learn more:

So its been a terrible start to 2014. But its comforting to know that even if I haven’t done well, I can always make the best of a bad situation

feb michael 2


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